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Introducing Erlis Boletini: Shifty Eye Games’ New Graphic & Animation Design Intern

Shifty Eye Games is excited to welcome Erlis Boletini for his summer internship!

Shifty Eye Games is excited to welcome Erlis Boletini as our new Graphic & Animation Design Intern. Currently enrolled at Mount Royal University, Erlis is pursuing a degree in Information Design, a field that perfectly blends his interests in UX/UI design with his enthusiasm for gaming.

Erlis’s passion for creativity and technology drives him to explore the depths of game design, making him an ideal addition to our innovative team. With a keen eye for user experience and interface design, he is eager to apply his academic knowledge and creative skills to real-world projects at Shifty Eye Games. During his internship, Erlis looks forward to gaining hands-on experience and insights into the gaming industry, contributing to projects that enhance player engagement and satisfaction.

At Shifty Eye Games, we believe in nurturing young talent and providing them with opportunities to grow and excel. Erlis’s role as an intern will involve collaborating closely with our design and animation teams, where he will have the chance to work on exciting projects and see firsthand how professional game studios operate. His fresh perspective and cutting-edge ideas are expected to bring valuable contributions to our ongoing and upcoming projects.

We are thrilled to have Erlis join us and look forward to seeing how his passion and dedication will translate into innovative design solutions that push the boundaries of our gaming experiences. Join us in welcoming Erlis Boletini to the Shifty Eye Games family!