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Introducing Nikolai Borodin: Shifty Eye Game’s Newest Level Designer

Shifty Eye Games is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our team, Nikolai Borodin, joining us as a Level Designer. Originally from a small rural town in the Ural region of Russia, Nikolai’s journey into the gaming world has been fueled by a lifelong passion for video games, starting from the classic Nokia 5210 snake game to the latest cutting-edge releases.

Nikolai’s gaming journey took a professional turn in 2019 after he obtained his master’s degree in Applied Computer Science. With over five years of rich experience in level design, game design, and level art, Nikolai has already made a mark in the industry. He played a pivotal role in the successful worldwide launch of Crossout Mobile, contributing significantly from its initial testing phase through to its global release.

His technical expertise, combined with a creative flair, enables him to create immersive and engaging virtual environments that captivate players. Nikolai’s approach to level design is deeply influenced by his academic background in Theoretical Physics and a vivid imagination that once dreamt of working at Black Mesa.

Beyond the digital realms, Nikolai is an avid traveler with a love for exploring new places, camping, hiking, and skiing. He also has a keen interest in old-school cars and motorcycles and enjoys the strategic complexities of board games.

As Nikolai brings his diverse talents and fresh perspectives to Shifty Eye Games, we look forward to the new and exciting environments he will craft for our games, enhancing the player experience with each level.

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Nikolai Borodin. We are excited to see how his innovative designs will shape the future of our games.