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Shifty Eye Studios Champions Future Talent Through CAREERS Program

This summer, Shifty Eye Studios had the privilege of participating in the CAREERS program, an Alberta-based initiative highlighted by Digital Alberta for its commitment to connecting high school students with real-world work experiences. Our studio hosted three talented students, providing them with a unique opportunity to explore the gaming industry, engage in practical work, and contribute meaningfully to our latest project.

Empowering Students with Real-World Skills

Our CEO, Tuncer Deniz, expressed his satisfaction with the program, noting the substantial impact the students had on our game development process. “The students really dug into our game and submitted a ton of bugs, many of which we didn’t even know about, so it was extremely helpful,” he said. The interns weren’t just there to work; they were there to learn, engaging with tools like Unity for game development, Maya for 3D modeling, and gaining hands-on experience in level design and animation.

A Win-Win for Students and the Studio

The CAREERS program, active since 1997, has been instrumental in bridging the gap between youth and the tech industry, offering students a chance to “test drive” potential careers. Shifty Eye Studios embraced this opportunity, integrating the interns into our team, where they brought fresh perspectives and new ideas. Their contributions went beyond just labor; they provided valuable insights and feedback that have been instrumental in our development process.

Intern Jacob shared his enthusiasm about the experience, stating, “I learned the basics of many different systems used in game creation such as Maya, Blender, and Unity from many mentors with decades of experience. Working within a professional workspace has showcased how to act and present professionally.”

Celebrating a Successful Collaboration

Our experience with the CAREERS program this summer was incredibly positive, affirming the value of integrating enthusiastic, young talent into our team. The interns were punctual, eager to learn, and their fresh perspectives were invaluable. Their contribution has not only helped in advancing our project but has also reinforced our commitment to nurturing the next generation of tech professionals.

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