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Shifty Eye Studios Welcomes Summer Interns: The Future Faces of Game Development

This summer, Shifty Eye Studios is thrilled to introduce our newest team members, three exceptionally talented interns joining us through the CAREERS NextGen program. Meet Zion, Jacob, and Micah, each bringing their unique passion and perspective to our studio, poised to dive deep into the worlds of programming, animation, and design.

Introducing Our Passionate Interns


“Hey, my name is Zion, and I am a graduate of St Mary’s High School here in Calgary. I found out about the Careers program from one of my teachers back in school. They told me the many benefits of the Careers program, and I knew instantly it would be up my alley, and Shifty Eye Studios seemed like the perfect fit. I look forward to being able to experience different departments within a game studio and hope to pursue a future as a game developer within the industry.”


“Growing up I’ve always had a passion for the fields of STEM, first experimenting with animation within the 3D world in Fusion 360 as one of three design leads in STEM Innovation Academy’s Sparkans during the 2023 FIRST Robotics Competition. Initially, I didn’t know Shifty Eye Studios was a game developing studio, not even knowing there were game developers in Calgary, especially ones looking for students to participate in the development process. The coordinators of CAREERS, who had come to my school with a presentation about summer paid internships, helped me to pursue a job that would forward my interest in 3D development and game design.”


“My name is Micah, and I just finished grade 12 at Bowness High School in Calgary. Throughout my experience there, one of my favourite topics had been computer science. The idea of working on a game is one of my top interests within computer science, and when I learned about careers from my teacher, I submitted an application wishing to get any placement that could give me work experience. Getting the position here at Shifty Eye is probably the best outcome I could have hoped for, and now I get the work experience while learning about what goes into the making of a game.”

A Season of Growth and Innovation

Our interns are not just students; they are the burgeoning pioneers of the tech industry. By integrating their fresh ideas and perspectives, we are not only guiding them in their professional growth but also enriching our studio’s creative and innovative capacities.

As Zion, Jacob, and Micah embark on their summer internships, they will be immersed in a hands-on learning environment, mentored by seasoned professionals, and contribute to exciting projects that push the boundaries of gaming technology.