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Stranded Sails 2.0 Update Released

The Exploration Update for Strand Sails for Apple Arcade contains hundreds of changes, bug fixes, and additions!
Here are some of the highlights:

• Fast travel via portal stones
While exploring the Cursed Islands you will now encounter ancient portal stones. Find and activate them to be able to use key shards and crafted portal keys to travel between all of the ones you have discovered!

• Adjusted walking and rowing energy cost!
The most important feedback we got from you was that moving around the islands always costing energy made exploration feel tedious and unfun. To address this, we changed walking and rowing to no longer cost energy when moving slowly. Sprinting and your new ability to row faster will still cost energy, giving you the option to invest some of your provisions to get around quicker!

Improved rowing gameplay

While on the high seas you will now encounter seagulls chasing flotsam. Use your new ability to row faster to race them and reach the floating treasure first to collect various items!

• Improved intro & tutorial quest line
The quest line up until you get your rowboat has been streamlined to not only give you more explorative freedom early on, but also allow you to explore the Cursed Island more quickly after setting sail!
Other Changes:
• Adjusted various energy costs
– Walking and rowing are now free, sprinting and rowing faster costs energy.
– Adjusted energy costs of tool usage to compensate for the now free movement.
– And many more.